Sharing Gimana cara menjadi seorang Data Scientist Junior?

Beberapa hari yang lalu, bertepatan dengan Hari Ibu (versi Indonesia), tanggal 22 Desember 2018, aku diberikan kepercayaan oleh Mas Dian, owner untuk menjadi salah satu pembicara dalam acara “Learning From The Master”, di kampusnya di ruko kompleks ITC Permata Hijau Jaksel. Bagi yang belum tahu Babastudio itu apa, babastudio adalah school of website and consulting. Menyediakan jasa pembuatan website dan pelatihan ke berbagai lembaga seperti pemerintahan maupun swasta.

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How to Create an Academic Paper Poster with Power Point


Several days ago my wife – an academic medical lecturer, asked me how to create an academic paper poster. What is the easy way to create it, darling? Hmmm… I tried to search what kind of tool that is user friendly and no need to have a good design skill.

At first, I thought Adobe Illustrator is a proper one. But it turns out that this tool is too much flexibility and complexity. Moreover the templates are NOT widely available.

Second. My wife told me that her peers use Microsoft Publisher. Well, that’s true. You can use that tool to create or produce some kind of high resolution poster, since Publisher were created and mean to be used to publish printed stuff. I recommend you to use it if you have time at least several hours to master it.

Third. And this tool was finally used. Microsoft Power Point! Everybody knows Power Point, right? Well, it is very uncommon that this tool is used to create poster. But considering that she is familiar with this tool, so… this is the best one. The problem is, as default, ppt is not able to produce 300dpi JPEG. Since it is mandatory for the authors, and the conference/publisher can print it with high resolution, I should find the workaround to create the high resolution JPEG file.

Finally I got this link.  This is useful for you to produce high resolution JPEG (with 300 dpi).

Besides, you can find plenty of some poster templates from here.

Enjoy and Good Luck for your paper presentation, darling!


Presentasi di Konferensi ICITSI 2015

Pada hari Senin, 16 November 2015 kemarin, saya pergi ke Bandung untuk mengikuti konferensi internasional mengenai Teknologi Informasi yang diadakan oleh almamater tercinta. Penyelenggaraannya di kampus Ganesha Institut Teknologi Bandung. Konferensi ini  baru dua kali diadakan. Bisa dilihat lebih detail di website-nya. Opening ceremony plus keynote speakers nya dilakukan di Aula Barat. Sedangkan parallel session-nya diadakan di Lantai 3 Labtek VIII, ada 5 ruangan terpisah. Kampus ini sudah sangat familiar buat saya, karena saya memang lulusan almamater gajah duduk (EL – 04, lulus 2008). Ada 300 paper yang di-submit dan 72 paper yang diterima, dan di konferensi tersebut saya berkesempatan untuk menjadi salah satu presenter dari paper saya yang berjudul “TF-IDF Method in Ranking Keywords of Instagram Users’ Image Caption”.

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Present Paper di ICACOMIT 2015 – Bandung

Tanggal 29-30 Oktober 2015 lalu saya berangkat ke Bandung untuk mengikuti sebuah conference. Namanya The 2015 International Conference on Automation, Cognitive Science, Optics, Micro Electro-mechanical System, and Information Technology (ICACOMIT 2015). Event ini diadakan oleh Indonesian Institute of Science (a.k.a. Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia a.k.a. LIPI). Ini merupakan kali pertama saya mengikuti international conference sebagai author dan presenter. Hehe. Bener-bener nggak nyangka diterima, soalnya paper yang saya submit itu adalah output dari tugas mata kuliah Selected Topic in Computational Intelligence I di S2 (Magister Teknik Informatika) Binus. Terima kasih buat Pak Diaz D. Santika yang sudah memberikan tugas di mata kuliah tersebut. Tanpa bimbingan beliau, saya nggak mungkin bisa sampai ke situ nulisnya. Mungkin saya cuman bisa nulis bloooog aja terus. wkwkwk.


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Lots of knowledge from Senipah

Yuppy… I have gone to Senipah again. I have got lots of knowledge about Telecommunication activities in there. CCTV is my main topic. But I got other topics, such as PA GA (Public Address General Alarm), RTS (Radio Trunking System), PABX, Radio Marine, NDB (Non Directional Rdio Beacon), etc.

I met Pak Gatot who leads the Senipah Telecommunication activity by himself. He is very kind and like to teach me. I also had a chance to help the contractor who was installing radio marine and amplifier of PA GA.

It’s such a wonderful experience, and I have done my vacation report in Bahasa. (But… I should finish my real OJT report in english…)

OK… It’s my photo with Pak Gatot…


Back to The Office after flied…

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oh… again and again. I’m coming back to my desk and a computer.

I moved to Icha’s room. Coincidently, There is a computer and a desk in her room, not booked! That means that I can use that stuff! Yeah! I can work again with new atmosphere, with my classmate!

But… unfortunately, I don’t know why, my idea is not flew up as usual! My idea doesn’t spoil! It means that I should go to get my mind up! I can’t realize that my feeling’s is gone now! I don’t know why my idea is gone away! I had some trouble in paragraph development. It’s about the idea and a comprehension thing! (Should I go to an english course ?)

I missed my family… (My mother went to Lampung on Wednesday, then She will arrive Lampung on Thursday!) Oh, Mom,,,….. I missed you! My sister…. you are too. My Dad! How are you?

I just spent this night by going to Jerry’s house. He is very nice coz He bought me empty CD… but He didn’t want to be payed his money! hoh…. 🙂  

Back to the office


ThursdAY, 21st June 2007

I didn’t do any important things today. I just went to office… fulfill my journal and continue my report.

But the interesting part that I’ve got is: I met Agung and Hamzah. They are newcomers in my room. They came from Teledata.

Agung’s hometown is Jogjakarta. Same as me…He was an SMA2 student. His academic background is Electrical Engineering D3 in Sanata Dharma University and continue to UGM… He also goes to Catholic Church.

While Hamzah is Singaporean.
We all discused a lot of things about anything. From celebrities, TV serial and music that are popular in Singapore to telecommunication job.

Icha will go to Field tomorrow. She borrowed my red clothes=trouser, safety shoes, and helmet. Icha, Rida and I went to my kos2an and took that stuffs. I don’t hv any plan to go to fields. I hope my mentor will arrange my field trip. Hopefully She will guide me in that field trip. 🙂
But the important thing that I should doo is finishing my assignment… yeah…

Last Senipah trip is very unforgetable. If I had a chance to go there again,,, and being a manager in Total… 🙂
It could be my new experience!!


There are a lot of friends who follow OJT program in Total Balikpapan. Most of them are ITB students. I didn’t know them b4.. yeah.. The major program of them are Geology, Geophysics, Industrial Engineering, Phisical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Etc.

I didn’t remember their names. But their faces are familiar to me.

A friend that I know her well is Farida, Industrial Engineering 2004. She is in HRD now.. She joins her internship there for 2 months. I do believe that people there are smart people and good students.

O yeah,…. I met friends from Geologist that will send to Samarinda to map Samarinda Stadion for next year PON. Oh… I can’t imagine they will be tough there. 🙂

Yeah.. after lunch. I will finish and edit my chapter 2. Too much letters I wrote.. I should make it simpler. 🙂

The 1st day of Internship or Job Training


Finally… I started this intership program.

How did I feel? I was excited.

from Pacific Hotel at 7 am, I arrived at Total E&P office at 7.10 am. Before that I had breakfast at that Hotel first. And I gathered with other friends in the same program and other programs like recruitment of Total.

When I arrived at total office, I discussed with other friends like Gatot(Geologi 02), Ryan(TL03), etc. They are candidates in Total..

Then I entered that office and met Ms Apri (HRD) and I filled the identification card.

After that, I introduced myself to other employees there. Firstly, I met Pak Joedo, who is the manager of IST/TEL. He graduated from ITB (angk. 88). He is very nice and easy going cos he always gave us a guide to other employees and make us smile.

Before we introduced us to other employees, we were explained much of topics of telecommunication problem. There are many divisions in this departement. There are two categories. They are TOM (Operation and Maintenance) and Project&Method. We have two chances to join in both of that categories. It’s such a good thing, right?

Both of the categories there can be divided in many division. FOr TOM, there are 4 parts. They are Radio and telephony, Network infrastructure, Telecommunication facilities, and Field. I choosed Telecommunication facilities and take CCTV as my topic. Beside that, For project and Method, I hv a chances take a training in project.. that still in progress. The project is making networking from production place better than b4 and upgrade all of the links.

In the middle of the job training. I also had a lunch in Pacific Hotel. I had no wonder coz the cost of this hotel bill is very expensive. I think… IDR 1 million per day. (include all facilities). Myfriend… (Tyos bro’ had checked out today!)

Btw, I don’t hv a kos-kosan… yet here. I think.. I should find that tomorrow. Coz I should check out next Thursday

I finished my first internship today… at 5.30 pm. .Finally, I arrived at hotel at 6 pm..

I should prepare all the matters like PDH and SDH tomorrow.


Finally, I arrived Balikpapan

I started my journey from bandung at 7 am… by PrimaJasa bus. And then I arrived Soekarno-Hatta airport at 11.00 am. I was with other 5 friends who will do internship in Total too. I was very excited coz it is my first flight since I’m alive.

I was waiting for 2,5 hours for the flight. The schedule of the departure is 1.45pm. I took Garuda Indonesia and sat at 17A seat in economic class. My next seat is empty.. Other friends sat in my backward…. I was very excited again:)) I looked at the sea, water, mountain, river, and other God’s creature that are very unbelieveble… oh… Thank God!

Then I arrived Sepinggan airport at 5.00 WITA..

and incidently… I met mas Nenang… the member of PSM ITB… who works at Total too. It was very funny coz… we always meet in the training of PSM and I don’t know that he went to Balikpapan too… in the same time.

But, sadly, I didn’t go to Church this Sunday. I didn’t hv a time going there. Sorry.

Tommorow is my first day of internship. I hope I will do as I can do and God bless me always. Mom, Dad, My sister,,… I miss u all!

This is my pic in the top of the bridge near to plaza balikpapan.. Look at me and d background too! 🙂 is it nice, right? Thnks