Trend of Mobility Changes due to Pandemic

Tableau Dashboard of Mobility Changes

How Indonesians are moving around differently due to COVID-19 Pandemic? How their mobility trends changed for trip to workplaces, groceries and pharmacy, restaurants, parks, transit stations, or just staying at home?

Well, under the #covid19 pandemic, it’s time for us to work from home, study from home and worship at home. That advice was announced by Pak Jokowi for Indonesians (esp. Jabodetabek) on March 15, 2020. Look at this ‘spaghetti’ graph with the data sourced from Google Community Mobility Report below. Start from 15 March 2020, around +15% mobility trend changes for places of residences. (Note: mobility changes means two parameters how visits and length of stay at the places.) Around -15% mobility trend changes for places of work.

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