Back to The Office after flied…

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oh… again and again. I’m coming back to my desk and a computer.

I moved to Icha’s room. Coincidently, There is a computer and a desk in her room, not booked! That means that I can use that stuff! Yeah! I can work again with new atmosphere, with my classmate!

But… unfortunately, I don’t know why, my idea is not flew up as usual! My idea doesn’t spoil! It means that I should go to get my mind up! I can’t realize that my feeling’s is gone now! I don’t know why my idea is gone away! I had some trouble in paragraph development. It’s about the idea and a comprehension thing! (Should I go to an english course ?)

I missed my family… (My mother went to Lampung on Wednesday, then She will arrive Lampung on Thursday!) Oh, Mom,,,….. I missed you! My sister…. you are too. My Dad! How are you?

I just spent this night by going to Jerry’s house. He is very nice coz He bought me empty CD… but He didn’t want to be payed his money! hoh…. 🙂  

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