The 1st day of Internship or Job Training


Finally… I started this intership program.

How did I feel? I was excited.

from Pacific Hotel at 7 am, I arrived at Total E&P office at 7.10 am. Before that I had breakfast at that Hotel first. And I gathered with other friends in the same program and other programs like recruitment of Total.

When I arrived at total office, I discussed with other friends like Gatot(Geologi 02), Ryan(TL03), etc. They are candidates in Total..

Then I entered that office and met Ms Apri (HRD) and I filled the identification card.

After that, I introduced myself to other employees there. Firstly, I met Pak Joedo, who is the manager of IST/TEL. He graduated from ITB (angk. 88). He is very nice and easy going cos he always gave us a guide to other employees and make us smile.

Before we introduced us to other employees, we were explained much of topics of telecommunication problem. There are many divisions in this departement. There are two categories. They are TOM (Operation and Maintenance) and Project&Method. We have two chances to join in both of that categories. It’s such a good thing, right?

Both of the categories there can be divided in many division. FOr TOM, there are 4 parts. They are Radio and telephony, Network infrastructure, Telecommunication facilities, and Field. I choosed Telecommunication facilities and take CCTV as my topic. Beside that, For project and Method, I hv a chances take a training in project.. that still in progress. The project is making networking from production place better than b4 and upgrade all of the links.

In the middle of the job training. I also had a lunch in Pacific Hotel. I had no wonder coz the cost of this hotel bill is very expensive. I think… IDR 1 million per day. (include all facilities). Myfriend… (Tyos bro’ had checked out today!)

Btw, I don’t hv a kos-kosan… yet here. I think.. I should find that tomorrow. Coz I should check out next Thursday

I finished my first internship today… at 5.30 pm. .Finally, I arrived at hotel at 6 pm..

I should prepare all the matters like PDH and SDH tomorrow.


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