DJ Patil – Data Science Go Day 1

Kirill and DJ Patil

After opening speech of Kirill, DJ Patil as a former US Chief Data Scientist delivered his speech and emphasise mostly about current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Here his key messages are:

DJ Patil, Former Chief US Data Scientist deliver a speech during Data Science Go Virtual 2020
  1. Diversity in your workplace is very important and it is recommended to be in a diverse culture
  2. Collaboration is a key to reach better result
  3. Last message: How to really use technology to help public health issues / humanity?
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Kirill Eremenko – Data Science Go Virtual Note Day 1

Data Science Go - Kirill

Today, June 20, 2020 at 10.30pm (Western Indonesian Time), I have a chance to join Data Science Go Virtual. This is an event that gather around ~800 Data professionals/enthusiasts from all over the world.

Mostly the participants were coming from North America, then Asia.

What I like about this online conference is the ability to stay in the breakout room, mainstage, give polls, and networking. Btw, the link of agenda can be found here. And this post is intended to show you the take home summary. Hope it is beneficial for you!

Speaker List of Day 1 Data Science Go

First speech was delivered by Kirill Eremenko. Aside introducing the speakers of Day 1, he talked about 2020 – 2050 Global challenges we are going to face globally. What are they?

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K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering in Python

Tonight, 5 June 2020, I was assigned by IYKRA to deliver “Clustering” online class training at Data MBA Batch #3 program. I would like to show you the summary of the class. Here the agenda is agenda. Fyi, it will be delivered in 2 hours.

  • Pre-Quiz (19:00 – 19:05)
  1. Theory of unsupervised learning: Clustering (19:05 – 19:20)
  2. K-Means Clustering (19:20 – 19:40)
  3. Hierarchical Clustering (19:40 – 20:00)
  4. Measurement Parameters for Clustering (20:00 – 20:15)
  5. Hands on and Exercise of K-Means Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering with Python (20:15 – 20:45)
  • Q & A (20:45 – 20:55)
  • Post-Quiz (20:55 – 21:00)

Note: The hands on will be delivered in Python (Point 5).

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Trend of Mobility Changes due to Pandemic

Tableau Dashboard of Mobility Changes

How Indonesians are moving around differently due to COVID-19 Pandemic? How their mobility trends changed for trip to workplaces, groceries and pharmacy, restaurants, parks, transit stations, or just staying at home?

Well, under the #covid19 pandemic, it’s time for us to work from home, study from home and worship at home. That advice was announced by Pak Jokowi for Indonesians (esp. Jabodetabek) on March 15, 2020. Look at this ‘spaghetti’ graph with the data sourced from Google Community Mobility Report below. Start from 15 March 2020, around +15% mobility trend changes for places of residences. (Note: mobility changes means two parameters how visits and length of stay at the places.) Around -15% mobility trend changes for places of work.

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Sumber Pembelajaran Data Science

Berbahagialah kalian yang hidup di masa internet yang serba cepat sekarang ini. Sumber belajar dapat diperolah dari mana-mana, mulai dari buku, video, podcast, hingga kelas online. Saya rangkum beberapa sumber yang mudah-mudahan bisa menjadi inspirasi kalian belajar. Sumber dari github saya di sini.

Inilah yang menjadi sumber inspirasi saya dalam membuat Kelas Online Data Science Foundation di IYKRA.

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Bagaimana Pola Perubahan Mobilitas Masyarakat sebelum dan selama Pandemi COVID-19?

Beberapa hari lagi, tepatnya tanggal 24 April 2020, saya akan membawakan materi di webinar IYKRA. Temanya adalah Analisis Perubahan Mobilitas Masyarakat selama Pandemi COVID-19.

Berdasarkan Data PHEOC Kemkes, per 13 April 2020 Indonesia sudah tercatat sedikitnya 4.557 kasus terkonfirmasi COVID-19 dengan 399 kasus meninggal dan 380 kasus sembuh. Diperkirakan akan tetap naik lagi dari hari ke hari. Ada yang memprediksi eksponensial seperti di Amerika Serikat, atau Sigmoid seperti di Tiongkok.

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Menjadi orang yang lebih mudah disukai

Di artikel kali ini aku akan bagi-bagi tips gimana caranya menjadi seseorang yang lebih mudah disukai. Satu hal yang pasti, orang yang disukai itu adalah orang yang menyenangkan. Orang yang jujur, tidak palsu, dan tidak dahaga akan perhatian. Tips ini akan berguna banget buat semua orang, terutama pebisnis dan pekerja di bidang data.

Biasanya, pebisnis atau pekerja mengenal dikotomi atasan, bawahan, dan peers (termasuk klien). Menurut orang bijak, life is not only about money, but also relationship. So… mari kita simak.

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Sharing Gimana cara menjadi seorang Data Scientist Junior?

Beberapa hari yang lalu, bertepatan dengan Hari Ibu (versi Indonesia), tanggal 22 Desember 2018, aku diberikan kepercayaan oleh Mas Dian, owner untuk menjadi salah satu pembicara dalam acara “Learning From The Master”, di kampusnya di ruko kompleks ITC Permata Hijau Jaksel. Bagi yang belum tahu Babastudio itu apa, babastudio adalah school of website and consulting. Menyediakan jasa pembuatan website dan pelatihan ke berbagai lembaga seperti pemerintahan maupun swasta.

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A Start Guide to Play with Data

Start Guide to play with Data

A year ago, I was asked by one of my leader to convince him why a data scientist must use a high-end laptops. It is not a difficult answer if you have been working with data for about 1-3 months with a low-end spec laptop.

Well, the biggest painful work for data scientist is about data preparation, and it costs a lot of memory and storage.

What if your data big? What if you want to create an excel file with hundred thousands of row? What if you need to install softwares that are restricted by the IT team?

You need a workstation or a laptop with at least 16GB RAM and 1 TB Storage.
While, still … you still need a server!

Here the detail is. I sent this slide to my leader. He then provide me with the laptop that I need.

Just in case you need the similar justification, please download my slide here: A Start Guide to Play with Data.

Sharing Mobility Data Insights at Tech In Asia Conference 2018 Jakarta

You may see my previous post on this link: “Menimba ilmu di Tech in Asia (TIA) PDC 2017“. I didn’t actively contribute at that time. I just became an audience. Became someone who just listened to what speakers trying to provide.

But the day came, one year after, on October 24, 2018. I was trusted to become one of the speakers. I gave big Thanks to my leader: Mia Melinda, who trusted me to become a TIA speaker. The speaker means someone who give values to others. Someone who have to be responsible to not wasting 30 mins time of the super-busy audience. The audience who had spent time and money more than 1 mio rupiahs for just entering this 2 days-event.
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