The Remote Control: A Piece of Rom-Com Based on True Story

One predawn time in July 2022, around 3 am, my wife suddenly woke me up. She was sweaty, due to the warmth in the room. We usually control the duration of the Air Conditioner (AC) to only 4 hours at night, starting from 10 PM.

“Darling, where is the AC remote control?” she asked while knocked-knocked my right hand.

“Well, I think it is on your right side,” I answered.

“No, it was not here,” she replied.

I got up from the bed. Trolling it in every corner of the room. The drawers under the TV. The box under the lamp switch. Anywhere.

Until my wife opens her blanket, I finally saw the remote control.

“Ah, look at that. It is precisely on your right side! It was under your blanket!” I cried.

She just smiled. I got played.

Well, this funny story is useful for joke-comic inspiration.

Kalideres, 11 July 2022

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