After opening speech of Kirill, DJ Patil as a former US Chief Data Scientist delivered his speech and emphasise mostly about current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Here his key messages are:

DJ Patil, Former Chief US Data Scientist deliver a speech during Data Science Go Virtual 2020
  1. Diversity in your workplace is very important and it is recommended to be in a diverse culture
  2. Collaboration is a key to reach better result
  3. Last message: How to really use technology to help public health issues / humanity?

Upon about 10 minutes speech by DJ, there was a QnA session with Kirill as a moderator.

  1. Kirill asked about first step to contribute as an individual data scientist
  2. Contact tracing issues related to data privacy
  3. Check book of Ethics and Data Science by DJ Pathill and Hilary Mason to understand in detail about data ethics. His medium can also be read here.
Ethics and Data Science book by DJ Patil and friends.

Tips from DJ Patil to solve data science / business problems.

  1. Goal is communication
  2. Bridge the gap, being in the room, this is a game of TRUST!
  3. Practice to talk
  4. Whenever to produce something, find help!

Start: What can I do for you? Then you will start to build your TRUST.

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