DJ Patil – Data Science Go Day 1

Kirill and DJ Patil

After opening speech of Kirill, DJ Patil as a former US Chief Data Scientist delivered his speech and emphasise mostly about current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Here his key messages are:

DJ Patil, Former Chief US Data Scientist deliver a speech during Data Science Go Virtual 2020
  1. Diversity in your workplace is very important and it is recommended to be in a diverse culture
  2. Collaboration is a key to reach better result
  3. Last message: How to really use technology to help public health issues / humanity?
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Kirill Eremenko – Data Science Go Virtual Note Day 1

Data Science Go - Kirill

Today, June 20, 2020 at 10.30pm (Western Indonesian Time), I have a chance to join Data Science Go Virtual. This is an event that gather around ~800 Data professionals/enthusiasts from all over the world.

Mostly the participants were coming from North America, then Asia.

What I like about this online conference is the ability to stay in the breakout room, mainstage, give polls, and networking. Btw, the link of agenda can be found here. And this post is intended to show you the take home summary. Hope it is beneficial for you!

Speaker List of Day 1 Data Science Go

First speech was delivered by Kirill Eremenko. Aside introducing the speakers of Day 1, he talked about 2020 – 2050 Global challenges we are going to face globally. What are they?

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