113th Daily Writing Challenge

By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro

Data Science Use Cases in Legal Department: Legal Document Analysis and Fraud Detection

There are plenty of legal cases which are related to data analytics. Remember the problem of Cambridge Analytica? Indonesia Ecommerce data leak? BPJS data breach? You name it.

For your reference, the Legal Industry has also been started discovering the standards of data analytics. All aspects in legal such as strategy developments, client interaction and project discovery are transformed digitally.

The data points collected in the digital transformation of legal can be analyzed by Data Scientists such as :

  1. Legal Document Analysis. One of the organization like Data Science for Lawyers provides several material to be learnt by lawyers above. One of the cases is Document comparisons, which basically find similarities and difference between legal texts.
  2. Fraud Detection. This use case is usually combine with outside legal department such as accounting and HR. Why? Because the fraud motive usually about money. And the ones who involve are human. However, in the digital era, hackers are pretty
Data Science for Lawyers Learning Materials (Source: Here)

Kalideres, 21 July 2021

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