111th Daily Writing Challenge

By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro

Human Resources Division’s Data Analytics Use cases

All about people is in the human resources. Hence, all the use cases are more less making people keep motivated and satisfied in their work. Including environment, working culture, and last but not least, salary and benefit.

As a data scientist, what are the data analytics use cases that you can cultivate?

  1. Workforce planning. Most of the time HR people are overwhelmed with the various and abundance of tasks. You might give them the external data analysis towards the human resource needs of company. Job market analysis of the specific roles. And so on. Thus HR team can have better understanding on how do they can plan with the workforce.
  2. Salary and Compensation Planning. Again, HR frequently needs some recommendation analysis, especially about how much do they can put a salary towards a new or existing employee. Job salary market analysis compare to the industry or competitors are relevant. If an employee is underpaid, he tend to resign quickly. Turn over rate of the employees is high. As a good data scientist, you must keep your honesty and integrity above all things. You might see the confidential data in this use case.
  3. Employee Evaluation Scorecard. To evaluate the employee, performance review should be done in a regular basis. Some companies do this every six months. Others are 3 months. Or even annually. Well, if a data scientist can predict the scorecard evaluation based on historical data and some external factor, you can help HR to prepare the budget for bonus, for example.
  4. Employee Churn Prediction. This case is very common. Basically you predict when the employee will leave the company based on several historical data that is particularly mapped into the employees. Randy Lao give you great example in doing this project.

Kalideres, 19 July 2021

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