Play Badminton :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007.
Last night I joined jogging in Total employees club. I followed jogging activity start at 5.30 pm, the time after work. I jogging surrounding the mountains in Pertamina housing and several mild forest.

Hoooo… How sweaty I was…

I’ve got a bottle of Ades mineral water and two ‘cek Wan’. I also met several people who mostly works in petrophysics. They are Haris, Risha, Andy, Pak Joko, etc. After that I carried to my kos2an by a motorcycle with Haris. Then I was tired and went to sleep.

In the morning I got up at 6.43 am. It’s such a nice sleep.

And then On Saturday, I went to play badminton. From 8 am – 12 am… It’s such an interesting activity coz it’s my hobby since I was a child.

Same as I did on Jogging last night, I met Haris, Lulus, Andy, Jerry, Pak Joko, and Mas Ary. They are mostly from Petrophysics. Then I had breakfast and lunch in warung near to the Sport Building. What u see? A girl who serve the food is very beautiful 🙂 It made me more spiritous…

Ok… meanwhile at night I will go to Fantasy Mall… But I don’t know the direction at all.

Finally, I didn’t go there. Yudi, Irvan, and I only went to Ramayana Department store. We was just looking around the store and stayed in Book Store for a while. On the way we went to home, we bought kebab, in kebab turki. THere were many people were waiting 4 that food. That made us want to buy that food.

Next Monday… Tyas will come to Balikpapan. She is my ITB students Choir friend. Her hometown is here, Balikpapan. So, I asked her to carry me go walking around this town. Yeah, I hope it will be wonderful.

Oh… I miss my family. But we live separately. My mom and Dad live in Lampung, My sister lives in Solo… Then I live in Balikpapan for 2 months. I hope they are in a good health and happy…

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