Weekend in Balikpapan



There are such a lot of places in Balikpapan. But.. i think they are not really interesting. In Saturday afternoon, Yudi and I went to Melawai Beach. Indeed… it’s not really a tourist beach cos it’s only ‘food vacation’ on the beach. There are a lot of people there and eat food there. Many people sell food like Bakso, Noodles, Degan, etc. It’s like in Java… coz lots of people here are Javanese and the food are Javanese too.

But… one thing that I can remember. I found the place… with the green grass, near to the beach mouth… and I could see the sunset early in the afternoon. I kept picture bcoz i brought my digital camera. Oh,…. it’s a good picture… I think. Next time I will upload it here.

Btw, I also visited Merdeka Court, Balikpapan Plaza (again)…

If u are Balikpapan native… U can imagine that we walked from Merdeka Court to Balikpapan Plaza! oh… it’s too far… I think it’s 6 km. Oh… 🙁 How tired I was!

Then on Sunday, I went to Church with Andi, my senior in High School. We went there by motorcycle(bike). Yeah… then I was treated by him. Oh,…. how happy I was, right!

B4 I went to church, I went to Mas Nanang’s Kos2an. I was also treated Mi ayam near to his kos2an. His kos2an is near to Novotel! And it’s wonderful. I can see beach if I went to its balkon!.

Thanks God.

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