Cukuplah Tidur (7-8 jam sehari)

Dulu, ketika umur masih dua puluhan, aku merasa kuat. Begadang semalaman tak membuat fisikku mudah lelah. Kerjaan tugas dihantam tanpa tersisa dan cenderung meminta. Ambisius tanpa kenal waktu.

Namun di usia tiga puluhan, aku berbeda. Mudah lelah, bila malam tidak tidur secepatnya paling tidak jam 10 malam. Maka, aku tidak akan pernah mengorbankan tidurku dengan hal yang lain, kecuali sangat mendesak.

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Cover Letter Outline Recommendation


My wife, Ninda, asked me to help her create a cover letter. It is part of her learning at online diploma of Montessori School. But I don’t want to write it ’til finish. If I create her a cover letter, she will not get the essence on how to write it properly. I give her the outline instead. I believe that she is able to write it. Why? Her IELTS score was 8 out of 9. Mine? Don’t ask, please! A bit lower than her, but I am proud that she asked me to help her writing a cover letter. Meaning that my skill in writing is not bad.

Here are the outline of the cover letter that you can refer to. Inspired by the learning material that her teacher has given. Happy job hunting!

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Lagu ini bagus banget untuk menyemangati siapa saja yang butuh banget dimotivasi. Isi dari lagu ini mengajarkan kita untuk selalu bersyukur dengan apa yang diperoleh. Masih awal Januari 2019, niiiih. Yang pada bikin resolusi harusnya tetep ingat dan laksanakan untuk mencapai impian kamu, ya!

Sebuah lagu dari penyanyi dan pencipta lagu favorit saya, Adera (anaknya Bang Ebit G Ade), ini dia lagu Catatan Kecil.

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Asian Games 2018 – Opening Ceremony

Well, today is January 1, 2019. A new beginning. A new hope.

I am very excited to do something cool this year. Yeah, planning, learning, teaching! Repeat!

One of my motivation supplement is watching the inspirational videos via YouTube, especially from the figures or moments that inspire me to do something more useful, while we’re healthy – mentally and physically.

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Sharing Gimana cara menjadi seorang Data Scientist Junior?

Beberapa hari yang lalu, bertepatan dengan Hari Ibu (versi Indonesia), tanggal 22 Desember 2018, aku diberikan kepercayaan oleh Mas Dian, owner untuk menjadi salah satu pembicara dalam acara “Learning From The Master”, di kampusnya di ruko kompleks ITC Permata Hijau Jaksel. Bagi yang belum tahu Babastudio itu apa, babastudio adalah school of website and consulting. Menyediakan jasa pembuatan website dan pelatihan ke berbagai lembaga seperti pemerintahan maupun swasta.

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A Start Guide to Play with Data

Start Guide to play with Data

A year ago, I was asked by one of my leader to convince him why a data scientist must use a high-end laptops. It is not a difficult answer if you have been working with data for about 1-3 months with a low-end spec laptop.

Well, the biggest painful work for data scientist is about data preparation, and it costs a lot of memory and storage.

What if your data big? What if you want to create an excel file with hundred thousands of row? What if you need to install softwares that are restricted by the IT team?

You need a workstation or a laptop with at least 16GB RAM and 1 TB Storage.
While, still … you still need a server!

Here the detail is. I sent this slide to my leader. He then provide me with the laptop that I need.

Just in case you need the similar justification, please download my slide here: A Start Guide to Play with Data.

22-Handpicked Personal Quotes before I Left Telkomsel

November 30, 2018 was the day that I always remember. It was on Friday. I had a late sleep thus I arrived office nearly late at 11 am. That was the day that I quit from a giant Indonesian company for my career switching. I was extremely surprised with the loving-escort expression of the colleagues surround me. They accompanied me until the the car-park building as children not wanting to be left by their parents to work. They also gave me some gifts. Most of them are related to what I need to in the next journey that I chose. It seems that they know everything that I need to. Those are such as a presenter laser, a paper-white Kindle (coz I really like reading), a testimonies scrapped book, a 3-D elegant framed picture that contains me at the center and 22 good looking people that I have interacted for almost 15 months. Thank You so much guys, Telkomsel MSIGHT team. That means a lot to me.

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Sharing Mobility Data Insights at Tech In Asia Conference 2018 Jakarta

You may see my previous post on this link: “Menimba ilmu di Tech in Asia (TIA) PDC 2017“. I didn’t actively contribute at that time. I just became an audience. Became someone who just listened to what speakers trying to provide.

But the day came, one year after, on October 24, 2018. I was trusted to become one of the speakers. I gave big Thanks to my leader: Mia Melinda, who trusted me to become a TIA speaker. The speaker means someone who give values to others. Someone who have to be responsible to not wasting 30 mins time of the super-busy audience. The audience who had spent time and money more than 1 mio rupiahs for just entering this 2 days-event.
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Mapping the geopoint (Latitude & Longitude) to Shapefile

Sometimes you want to know what Kelurahan (Village), Kecamatan (District), Kabupaten (Region), and Province are from latitude and longitude. I did it with R, here the script is.

This is part of the analysis you may need when you handle GeoSpatial Data.

Thank someone who gave me the example from this link.