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My wife, Ninda, asked me to help her create a cover letter. It is part of her learning at online diploma of Montessori School. But I don’t want to write it ’til finish. If I create her a cover letter, she will not get the essence on how to write it properly. I give her the outline instead. I believe that she is able to write it. Why? Her IELTS score was 8 out of 9. Mine? Don’t ask, please! A bit lower than her, but I am proud that she asked me to help her writing a cover letter. Meaning that my skill in writing is not bad.

Here are the outline of the cover letter that you can refer to. Inspired by the learning material that her teacher has given. Happy job hunting!

Cover Letter Outline.

To. (Your recruiter organization)

Greeting: Dear Sir or Madam,

Paragraph 1

  1. What position are you looking for?
  2. Where did you know this vacant position?

Paragraph 2

  1. Why do you apply that position?
  2. Why should your recruiter choose you in that position?What are your strength?
  3. Tell them your opinion about their organization! (e.g. your house is nearby the school, your daughter is also as same age as the school’s students, you are going to apply your knowledge immediately)

Paragraph 3

  1. Tell the recruiter time slot for interviews!
  2. When will be your availability to start working?
  3. Say Thank you!

Hope it helps.

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