How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Recommendation?


By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro

A few days ago, my ex-colleagues asked me to give them recommendations on LinkedIn.

To make it more compelling than usual, I searched in Google with keywords: “what to say in a recommendation on LinkedIn”

The screenshot of the searching activity

It brought me to this page. There you can find 5 steps to write a LinkedIn Recommendation. With the following steps, you can write a compelling LinkedIn recommendation.

  1. Start with a catchy first sentence.
  2. Describe your relationship.
  3. Clearly share the competences.
  4. Add some personality.
  5. Strongly end your recommendation.

Having tried those steps, here are my outcomes.

Energetic and full of ideas, that is what comes to mind if I describe … . I have had the pleasure of working for almost three years with her. Her ability to work on data training and implementation projects was good to see. At the same time, she also made the team special since she brought distinct ideas on solving the problems or creating something new. … would be a valuable addition to the team!

Not many people are lucky to have a project manager who has a solid but cheerful character. … is such a person. I have enjoyed working with him for over three years at IYKRA in many different project teams. His ability to work on multiple projects and his commitments to meet clients’ needs was a plus. It did not matter how tense everyone was for a meeting; … always made other members smile. Every employee or director would be happy with a manager like …

Hope it helps!

Kalideres, 12 January 2022

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