Sharing Mobility Data Insights at Tech In Asia Conference 2018 Jakarta

You may see my previous post on this link: “Menimba ilmu di Tech in Asia (TIA) PDC 2017“. I didn’t actively contribute at that time. I just became an audience. Became someone who just listened to what speakers trying to provide.

But the day came, one year after, on October 24, 2018. I was trusted to become one of the speakers. I gave big Thanks to my leader: Mia Melinda, who trusted me to become a TIA speaker. The speaker means someone who give values to others. Someone who have to be responsible to not wasting 30 mins time of the super-busy audience. The audience who had spent time and money more than 1 mio rupiahs for just entering this 2 days-event.

My show was at 10:30 am. I arrived at the venue 1.5 hour earlier. There were some people who were preparing the stage. The stage manager didn’t come yet by the time I arrived. But a couple minutes later, two of youngsters who were the Kerinci stage managers came to help. I asked them to use personal laptop to present my slide, due to a bit technical issue with the version of the power points provided. But everything went smoothly. I do really appreciate that time since I have couple of minutes talking with them. We talked about life there. Indeed. One day after, one of the youngsters, named Chriscavin Wijaya, dropped me a Linkedin message as follow:

Chris follow-up Linkedin
Chris follow-up Linkedin

And I replied: Hi Chris, You are welcome. Thanks also for helping me before and during presentation. Wishing you you all the best! And keep in touch. Ari

I couldn’t believe that short conversation was insightful for him. And it effortlessly made him send me personal and touching message. I feel the honesty of the his appreciation. Priceless.

Another one, a Master Ceremony of Kerinci Stage on Day-2, named Jack Farell, also sent me a thank you message. Again I feel really being appreciated.

Jack Farrell Message
Jack Farrell Message

Sometimes, you may feel that you are useless. Me neither.

Sometimes, it is really hard facing the challenges. Me neither.

Sometimes, you feel difficult to fight and solve your problems. Me neither.

But, when you just accept and follow that you work heartily as for the Lord. Not for men. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

Here is the edited video that was sent by the TIA committee. Enjoy!

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