22-Handpicked Personal Quotes before I Left Telkomsel

November 30, 2018 was the day that I always remember. It was on Friday. I had a late sleep thus I arrived office nearly late at 11 am. That was the day that I quit from a giant Indonesian company for my career switching. I was extremely surprised with the loving-escort expression of the colleagues surround me. They accompanied me until the the car-park building as children not wanting to be left by their parents to work. They also gave me some gifts. Most of them are related to what I need to in the next journey that I chose. It seems that they know everything that I need to. Those are such as a presenter laser, a paper-white Kindle (coz I really like reading), a testimonies scrapped book, a 3-D elegant framed picture that contains me at the center and 22 good looking people that I have interacted for almost 15 months. Thank You so much guys, Telkomsel MSIGHT team. That means a lot to me.

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Sharing Mobility Data Insights at Tech In Asia Conference 2018 Jakarta

You may see my previous post on this link: “Menimba ilmu di Tech in Asia (TIA) PDC 2017“. I didn’t actively contribute at that time. I just became an audience. Became someone who just listened to what speakers trying to provide.

But the day came, one year after, on October 24, 2018. I was trusted to become one of the speakers. I gave big Thanks to my leader: Mia Melinda, who trusted me to become a TIA speaker. The speaker means someone who give values to others. Someone who have to be responsible to not wasting 30 mins time of the super-busy audience. The audience who had spent time and money more than 1 mio rupiahs for just entering this 2 days-event.
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