9 Lessons I Learned During my First 100 Days as a Creative Analytics Director (9/9)

By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro (179)

This is the sequel to the previous post.

9. Maintain Leadership Accountability

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Although I focus on improving and reviewing the team’s capability and results, sometimes I still need to work on small things, such as copywriting tasks. Why? Personally to maintain the writing and technical skill. But it is beyond that intention, which is leading by example.

I personally observe, if one of the team members does not perform, let’s say, due to a lack of discipline, they do not deliver in time or lack of quality, one of the solutions is giving the example then giving advice. But if it doesn’t work, you call HR, for further treatment. 🙂

That’s it from me. Thank you for reading! IF you too are in the creative industry, design, social media field, I would love to know more about your workflow.

Happy working! Happy resting!

Kalideres, 1 October 2021

9 Lessons I Learned During my First 100 Days as a Creative Analytics Director (7/9)

By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro (177)

This is the sequel to the previous post.

7. Create a bully-free culture, hence the critics and inputs of their works are well said and documented.

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I make sure that team members are NOT afraid to give their ideas. But, I also make sure that the team members have empathy and respect while giving critics. It is very tricky. And I believe that it takes time. I would say that lessons number 4 and 5 can significantly improve this free-bullying culture.

9 Lessons I Learned During my First 100 Days as a Creative Analytics Director (4/9)

By Bernardus Ari Kuncoro (174)

This is the sequel of the previous post.

4. Create idea banks and update them regularly

I encouraged the team to write their ideas in the spreadsheet. Discussing so many ideas via chat might not be effective, especially if we have more than two team members. The ideas and communication will be drawn and we had to climb the previous chat.

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Upon writing, you need to discuss the idea banks regularly every Monday. Why Monday? I purposefully did this to make a psychological effect, boosting their ideas and plans on the first working day of the week.

Based on someone else’s ideas, other team members score the them based on the value of benefits, entertainment, and relevancy. Towards data science, data engineering, analytics, and so on.

Idea Bank Table Recommendation

Kalideres, 26 September 2021

9 Lessons I Learned During my First 100 Days as a Creative Analytics Director (1/9)

By: Bernardus Ari Kuncoro


With instantly transforming media technology today, content creation production can be done easier than ever. Fifteen years ago, I had to do extra effort in curating the content materials for my thesis. I needed to go to libraries or bookstores to find out the various sources.

What about now? Most of the activities must be done with an internet connection including reading and writing. Most of the content materials have been transforming into digital. Moreover, people can access it easily and quickly by just browsing.

Realized or not, big data and the internet have changed the way we solve problems. Including the way we analyze, manage, and unravel data. With the digital revolution, data-driven quality improvement is the core of any industry.

In the creative industry, moreover, with a tremendous amount of ideas available on the internet, using analytics is a must to support the decisions.

Even though having no specific ‘creativity’ degree, such as literature, film making, or graphic design, my employer trusts me to lead the creative content department which includes graphic designers, social media officers, multimedia content creators, and some interns.

Before this position, I was a Head of Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). Leading data science instructors to conduct training and some data implementation projects.

Both two-position above made me learn and more importantly unlearn a lot! Data and creative people are completely different. Most of the data professionals’ characters are more systematic, algorithmic, and easy to predict.

Meanwhile, creative people that include graphic designers, social media content creators, video editors, and so on, are more scattered in both mentioning their ideas and working on their tasks. Plus, I would say that it is not easy to follow because sometimes they have their own unique way.

Here are a few learnings I acquired in the past 100 days …

1. Know your team

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My coach reminded me to get to know the team members before re-organization started. Thus, I conducted a 1o1 online meeting to talk to each of the team members. We discussed their goals, strengths, and their weaknesses, usual problems, and what do they expect from me as a leader.

Upon talking with each of the team members, we made an interactive discussion in a big forum a.k.a. workshop meeting. We wrote the problems and possible solutions.

Workshop output in a digital sticky note application: Problems and solutions

To be continued

Kalideres, 23 September 2021


Tantangan Menulis Hari ke-136

Oleh: Bernardus Ari Kuncoro

Sebulan terakhir saya dipercaya oleh IYKRA untuk mengemban posisi baru sebagai ‘sutradara’. Kenapa sutradara? Terjemahan lepas director sutradara, kan ya?

Tepatnya Director of Creative Analytics.

Well, posisi ini agak unik.

Memimpin dua proses yaitu Kreatif dan Analitik. Dua hal yang berbeda tetapi perlu diharmonisasikan.

Kreatif, itu tanpa batas. Nyeni. Bebas.

Analitik, itu banyak aturan. Logika. Harus memilih.

Selanjutnya? Kita lihat saja nanti hasilnya. Mudah-mudahan sesuai atau justru melebihi target OKR.

Saya ucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya rekan-rekan yang telah memberikan ucapan selamat saya di tautan LinkedIN ini. All the best for you all. 😉

Kalideres, 14 Agustus 2021