A Start Guide to Play with Data

A year ago, I was asked by one of my leader to convince him why a data scientist must use a high-end laptops. It is not a difficult answer if you have been working with data for about 1-3 months with a low-end spec laptop.

Well, the biggest painful work for data scientist is about data preparation, and it costs a lot of memory and storage.

What if your data big? What if you want to create an excel file with hundred thousands of row? What if you need to install softwares that are restricted by the IT team?

You need a workstation or a laptop with at least 16GB RAM and 1 TB Storage.
While, still … you still need a server!

Here the detail is. I sent this slide to my leader. He then provide me with the laptop that I need.

Just in case you need the similar justification, please download my slide here: A Start Guide to Play with Data.

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