My Little Family

My father was born in Bantul, Yogyakarta, seventy years ago. Same as my father, my mother was also born in Bantul, but it was five years later. Thus she is 65 years old now. There are only two children in my family, me and my elder sister. My sister is five years older than me, but she looks younger than her age. I am not kidding! 😀 She is married and has two children, soon to have another one next year. I have tied the knot with a lovely woman. Same as my sister, my wife is also pregnant. According to the timeline and obgyn advice, she plan to deliver the baby in the end of December, and it’s a girl!

My Mother

Here I would like to write about my mother. My mother is the person who has influenced me the whole of my life. She is pretty, she taught me about good and bad things. Together with my Dad, she taught me about Catholic religion, the religion that we are proud and practicing. Now I am twenty-eight years old, married to an eye doctor, and soon to have a daughter in this December. I am so excited! Looking back to the time when I was a child, now I do understand why she was strict with me. Although we are now living afar, I am in Jakarta and she is in Lampung with my Dad, we always keep in touch by BBM chat or phone. Hope soon my wife and I can visit Lampung once our baby at least in 6 months age, next year.

How about your mother? Can you tell me about your mother?