Journey to Senipah


Tomorrow I will go to Senipah. I hope it will be nice journey! 🙂

I will accompany Mas Hady (an employee from Schlumberger). He also accompany his friend to check telecommunication hardwares in Senipah. 🙂

Just for 1 day.

I’ve got safety shoes, red clothes, and a helmet.


Weekend in Balikpapan



There are such a lot of places in Balikpapan. But.. i think they are not really interesting. In Saturday afternoon, Yudi and I went to Melawai Beach. Indeed… it’s not really a tourist beach cos it’s only ‘food vacation’ on the beach. There are a lot of people there and eat food there. Many people sell food like Bakso, Noodles, Degan, etc. It’s like in Java… coz lots of people here are Javanese and the food are Javanese too.

But… one thing that I can remember. I found the place… with the green grass, near to the beach mouth… and I could see the sunset early in the afternoon. I kept picture bcoz i brought my digital camera. Oh,…. it’s a good picture… I think. Next time I will upload it here.

Btw, I also visited Merdeka Court, Balikpapan Plaza (again)…

If u are Balikpapan native… U can imagine that we walked from Merdeka Court to Balikpapan Plaza! oh… it’s too far… I think it’s 6 km. Oh… 🙁 How tired I was!

Then on Sunday, I went to Church with Andi, my senior in High School. We went there by motorcycle(bike). Yeah… then I was treated by him. Oh,…. how happy I was, right!

B4 I went to church, I went to Mas Nanang’s Kos2an. I was also treated Mi ayam near to his kos2an. His kos2an is near to Novotel! And it’s wonderful. I can see beach if I went to its balkon!.

Thanks God.


There are a lot of friends who follow OJT program in Total Balikpapan. Most of them are ITB students. I didn’t know them b4.. yeah.. The major program of them are Geology, Geophysics, Industrial Engineering, Phisical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Etc.

I didn’t remember their names. But their faces are familiar to me.

A friend that I know her well is Farida, Industrial Engineering 2004. She is in HRD now.. She joins her internship there for 2 months. I do believe that people there are smart people and good students.

O yeah,…. I met friends from Geologist that will send to Samarinda to map Samarinda Stadion for next year PON. Oh… I can’t imagine they will be tough there. 🙂

Yeah.. after lunch. I will finish and edit my chapter 2. Too much letters I wrote.. I should make it simpler. 🙂

The 5th day of internship



it’s a real life. but i’m disappointed.

You just get up from your dream. Back to basic is not a good thing.

🙂 written after move from hotel to the kos2an. 🙁

The 1st day of Internship or Job Training


Finally… I started this intership program.

How did I feel? I was excited.

from Pacific Hotel at 7 am, I arrived at Total E&P office at 7.10 am. Before that I had breakfast at that Hotel first. And I gathered with other friends in the same program and other programs like recruitment of Total.

When I arrived at total office, I discussed with other friends like Gatot(Geologi 02), Ryan(TL03), etc. They are candidates in Total..

Then I entered that office and met Ms Apri (HRD) and I filled the identification card.

After that, I introduced myself to other employees there. Firstly, I met Pak Joedo, who is the manager of IST/TEL. He graduated from ITB (angk. 88). He is very nice and easy going cos he always gave us a guide to other employees and make us smile.

Before we introduced us to other employees, we were explained much of topics of telecommunication problem. There are many divisions in this departement. There are two categories. They are TOM (Operation and Maintenance) and Project&Method. We have two chances to join in both of that categories. It’s such a good thing, right?

Both of the categories there can be divided in many division. FOr TOM, there are 4 parts. They are Radio and telephony, Network infrastructure, Telecommunication facilities, and Field. I choosed Telecommunication facilities and take CCTV as my topic. Beside that, For project and Method, I hv a chances take a training in project.. that still in progress. The project is making networking from production place better than b4 and upgrade all of the links.

In the middle of the job training. I also had a lunch in Pacific Hotel. I had no wonder coz the cost of this hotel bill is very expensive. I think… IDR 1 million per day. (include all facilities). Myfriend… (Tyos bro’ had checked out today!)

Btw, I don’t hv a kos-kosan… yet here. I think.. I should find that tomorrow. Coz I should check out next Thursday

I finished my first internship today… at 5.30 pm. .Finally, I arrived at hotel at 6 pm..

I should prepare all the matters like PDH and SDH tomorrow.


Finally, I arrived Balikpapan

I started my journey from bandung at 7 am… by PrimaJasa bus. And then I arrived Soekarno-Hatta airport at 11.00 am. I was with other 5 friends who will do internship in Total too. I was very excited coz it is my first flight since I’m alive.

I was waiting for 2,5 hours for the flight. The schedule of the departure is 1.45pm. I took Garuda Indonesia and sat at 17A seat in economic class. My next seat is empty.. Other friends sat in my backward…. I was very excited again:)) I looked at the sea, water, mountain, river, and other God’s creature that are very unbelieveble… oh… Thank God!

Then I arrived Sepinggan airport at 5.00 WITA..

and incidently… I met mas Nenang… the member of PSM ITB… who works at Total too. It was very funny coz… we always meet in the training of PSM and I don’t know that he went to Balikpapan too… in the same time.

But, sadly, I didn’t go to Church this Sunday. I didn’t hv a time going there. Sorry.

Tommorow is my first day of internship. I hope I will do as I can do and God bless me always. Mom, Dad, My sister,,… I miss u all!

This is my pic in the top of the bridge near to plaza balikpapan.. Look at me and d background too! 🙂 is it nice, right? Thnks

Drawning again!

There’s such thing that i couldn’t suppose…

but it happened again.. and again…

But i don’t give up! I don’t give up!

I will do it again till i can do it well! All I wanna wish will come true! (i think you don’t understand what’s d meaning of my writing, but mE! :((

Briefing at total E&P Jakarta (5th June 2007)

Actually… firstly… i went to jakarta by travel Xtrans.. I was accompanied by Icha and Farida (TI 04) who are the participant s of the internship there…

We went to Jakarta (from cihampelas at 7.00 am) and arrived at Kuningan Plaza at 09.30 am. We were excited coz in that building I met other ITB students such as San-san (Microbiology 04), Popi and Vitra (TL/environmental Engineering 04), also Mas Ivan (Geology Engineering 03) who will do his thesis there.

Exactly… we met Mrs Anti, Mrs Shanty.. who are HRD ones. They were very kind. We had got a short presentation from Mrs Shanty which explained TOTAL company globally, hierarchical of the company, and the culture of works. We also had an explanation about Balikpapan city, how people live there and how we can survive there. I was very excited and can’t help going there, buds!

I am going to Balikpapan on Sunday, 10th June 2007… exactly… at 2 pm at Soekarno Hatta airport by Garuda Indonesia. I think it will be my first experience going sumwhere by plane. (and it’s very nice coz it’s free!)

I’ll do my own way and will use this opportunity as well as I am. I can’t stand here and I can’t help going to Balikpapan! .. I’ll be there. 🙂