I am Ari!

Glad to see you here. :-)
I am a Data Scientist.

About Me

I am from Indonesia, the forth most populous country in the world! I have just finished my Master Degree thesis at Magister Teknik Informatika Bina Nusantara University. As I really like and passionate about machine learning, data mining, and data analysis, I bring up those topics into my thesis.

Learning and implementing those topics are useful to effectively solve data-related problems, such as pattern recognition, classification, prediction, clustering, etc. Turning the big data which is mostly unstructured, from text, image, sound, or video data type into valuable insight is what I am interested in.

If you have something to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me.
To know more about my professional journey, please check my Linkedin Profile. Happy Learning!

My Dreams

Wanna be a good husband, a good Dad, and a useful person who applies Data Science to help communities in simplifying their work and recommending the decision options.

Wanna be a great lecturer in Computer Science, esp. in Data Science.

Wanna be a great songwriter, hence the songs can be sung by great singers and happy people who love music. Yes! I wrote few original songs, some of them were uploaded here in Soundcloud.

My Research

Here are the lists of my published research / project:

1. "Computer Aided Diagnosis of Color Fundus Images using 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform and Neuro Fuzzy System", published in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering, and Technology (Aug 2015), with Filo Limantara and Harjoni Hutabarat.

2. "Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Texture Image Classification", presented in The 2015 International Conference on Automation, Cognitive Science, Optics, Micro Electro-­Mechanical System, and Information Technology (ICACOMIT 2015), on October 29, 2015, with Suharjito. Paper is published in IEEE explore.

3. "TF-IDF Method in Ranking Keywords of Instagram Users' Image Captions", presented in The 2015 International Conference on Information Technology Systems and Innovation (ICITSI), on November 16, 2015, with Bambang Heru Iswanto. Paper is published in IEEE explore.

4. "Using Latent Semantic Index for Content-Based Image Retrieval," published in International Journal of Research and Science, vol 12, 2015, with Andy Ang.

5. "Grab Safety AI for South East Asia Competition. 2019. Just another short competition project."

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me to discuss about big data, machine learning, data science, pattern recognition, or to just say hello!