Malam Mingguan di Rumah Sakit

Hari ini 2 Maret 2019. Hari Sabtu. Malam hari. Waktu menunjukkan pukul 7.29. Sudah malam ketiga aku berada di dalam ruangan ini. Ruangan di mana anakku dirawat. Di sebuah rumah sakit yang sama dan sudah ketiga kalinya dalam kurun waktu 2 tahun terakhir ini.

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Back to my home village during Holy Week holiday 2017

My family and I went to Lampung during Holy Week 2017. For those who don’t know, Lampung is the

place located in southern part of Sumatra island. It is well-known with banana chips and kemplang (fish crackers) food product. Your flight requires 30 minutes from Jakarta. Short, isn’t it?

My elder sister and I planned that when Easter 2017, we must come together and spend time with Bapak and Ibu in Lampung.

Thank God we could realise it. We departed from Jakarta (Cengkareng) on Good Friday morning at 8am.

Just wanna share a bad experience when we took plane of Sriwijaya Air For Jakarta-Lampung route. The airplane was so stinky with dead fishes. A stewardees said that it was originated by previous passangers from Lampung to Jakarta. That stimulated Kiran to vomit. Luckily, the return journey from Lampung to Jakarta was so plesant. Kiran was not cranky.

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Online Video Editors


Within this year I recorded several videos. The videos are mostly about my daughter. She was born in December last year and all of the raw videos on the phone seem need to be gathered, edited, and created some stories. Cute. Funny.


I come up with the problem: phone data storage shortage! my phone is getting lag. Slower. Unresponsive. Should I just put on the Dropbox? Can I edit them? Well, my phone that only has 32GB internal storage cannot store “big data”. 😀 lol.

Then, today I found the video editor software online. It does’t need to be fully customised or like Adobe Premiere. And I don’t want to put some loads on my office laptop or my mac just for the space memory for the video editor. Raw data for data science-things are enough. 🙂


I started googling and found this link search: Well, I think it is useful for me in the future for documenting my daughter’s growth on video. If you guys have the recommended video editor, let me know. I will definitely try it. I required light but with High Quality result in term of resolution and speed. Aha, probably, a friend of mine (Danny Wirjadi, Twitter: @dannywirjadi) who is a video editor and works at the luxury videographer in Indonesia can give me recommendation.

Btw, I used the Wevideo to edit the first day of my daughter below. Thanks Google, my laptop, and the internet. Awwwwh… So cute.

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